Turtle Fur: Fly Fishing Essentials

written by elizabetha cochran

The best days of my life have been spent on and in the water – boating, swimming, fishing on the banks with my father, and now fly fishing all over Colorado. Through fly fishing, I have gained a whole new appreciation for rivers and lakes, and with the help of others I have learned how to be a cautious hiker and how to do my part in protecting these amazing habitats. When I see trash on the ground (or if I have some), I shove it in my pack and bring it back with me. When I’m walking in the river in the spring and fall seasons, I am cautious of walking on spawning redds and I definitely don’t disturb them while they are doing their thing (making babies). I love seeing the new life of every species throughout the year. No matter what type of wildlife I encounter, I keep my distance and admire – without disturbing them.

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What makes fly fishing such an amazing activity is that you can do it all year long. I was very skeptical when I first started fly fishing in the winter. Never enjoying winter sports very much as a child, I quickly realized that having gear and being prepared are the most important things when planning a trip any time of year. Whether I’m planning a trip in the warmer months, or colder months, I always make sure to check the weather beforehand. New challenges are presented in these conditions, and you need to be adequately prepared. Below, I’ve outlined some of the basics I’ve deemed necessary to have an enjoyable experience on the water.


The sun is out, the snow has thawed and the bugs are constantly hatching. It’s the perfect time to take a hike to an alpine lake to catch brook trout and cutthroat trout, or walk the river banks in hopes of finding some fish in pocket water. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget to take care of your body. The best way to avoid dehydration, sunburn and burning out is to have all of the right gear and to take plenty of breaks throughout the day. After getting weird burns all over and struggling from dehydration, I have learned what to pack and how to dress. This is what I bring, but you may need to make some changes to fit your personal needs.

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The Ultimate Day Hiking Gear List

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Vasque Breeze LT Low GTX: I’m all about lightweight shoes when hiking as the less weight on your feet, the longer you can hike without getting tired. One of the lightest shoes in Vasque’s popular Breeze line, the new Breeze LT Low GTX offers all day comfort out of the box and is waterproof to boot — something that came in handy while hiking through puddles and spray up to Vernal and Nevada Falls. Never once did I slip (something you really don’t want to do on this trail) thanks to the grippy Vibram Megagrip outsole.”

by AMY JURRIES at TheGearCaster.com

OBERMEYER Winter Favorite - The Hadley Jacket

A modern aesthetic in fashion forward styling. Thermore® insulated provides ideal warmth without being bulky, creating a dramatic feminine silhouette. The slimming fit is accentuated with elastic ruching side panels. Fully featured with substantial technical attributes make the Hadley comfortable in any weather condition. Adjustable hem, padded shoulders, and extra soft fleece-lined collar.

Outside buyer's guide 2019 Gear of the Year Award with the Vasque Breeze LT GTX


Outside Magazine 2019 GEAR OF THE YEAR

“Air of Authority Lightweight hikers that command the path”

Vasque Breeze LT Mid GTX $170

“Sometimes more really is more. In a trail shoe, plush cushioning, ample armor, and sturdy support add up to maximum comfort. But the cumulative weight of all those foot-pampering features can quite literally be a drag. So when Vasque announced that it had shaved a full pound from its trail-softening Breeze-with no decline in wearability or perfor mance-we expected big things. And the Breeze LT certainly deliv ers. Even devotees of low-cut trail runners flocked to this mid height boot, which is comparably snug while offering superior traction and stability.

The advantage comes from Vibram's new Litebase outsole, which incorporates a pliable but durable textile layer into the rubber for a base that's up to 50 percent thinner and 30 percent lighter than those made from other compounds. The resulting shoe doesn't qualify as a true ultralight, but it comes close, while still offering enough under foot support to carry decidedly un-ultralight cargo; its springy insole and dual-density EVA mid sole make this the all-arounder that most weekend backpackers need. "It's super comfortable, stable, and supportive," said a tester after off-trail hiking and scrambling in Colorado's south ern San Juan Mountains. The grip proved dependable on wet surfaces and even ice. The thin, meshy upper helped it breathe better than many waterproof boots. And the shock-absorbing construction let hikers carry 40-pound loads over nine-hour days--and still have happy feet come evening. 14 oz (men's, pictured)/9 oz (women's) “


Turtle Fur: Top 10 Reasons to Hit the Slopes this Spring

written by shelby farrell

When the snow is the consistency of a sugary 7-Eleven slushy, outdoor enthusiasts all around the country rejoice! For the dreary gray days of winter are now behind us and mother nature gifts us with bluebird skies.

The mountain culture fully awakens as the vibe shifts to a daily party. Our senses are graced with the fresh aromas of spring. With daylight savings comes extended sunshine; the urge to dash home before the cold dark night subsides, as our biological desire to hibernate thaws along with the thickest of ice.

So, what is it that makes spring on the mountain the happiest time of year? There truly are a plethora of reasons, but we have boiled it down to the top ten.

1. Spring fashion! Get geared up for a wardrobe change, because warmer air means less layers and more opportunities to show your true colors. The 70s and 80s resurface in vintage and remastered retro apparel. Time to pull out your favorite bikini, jorts (cut off jean shorts… highly fashionable), animal onesies, and t-rex suits, because all are acceptable as closing day approaches. Or keep it classic with your favorite shades and a Turtle Fur trucker 

2. The end-of-season events.
 Feel like you need an occasion to bust out a wacky costume in public? Sign up for a pond skimming competition! Banff mountain in Canada hosts the oldest pond skimming festivities known in North America. This will be the 91st year of the legendary event. Sugarbush Resort in Vermont, right in Turtle Fur’s backyard, is known for challenging individuals with the longest skim – 120 feet! Whether you dare to test out your winter waterskiing superpowers, or are simply looking for entertainment, you will surely have a healthy laugh at any pond skimming event near you.

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3. Your body finally gets the opportunity to naturally produce vitamin D, and reap the benefits! The combination of the tilt of the Earth’s axis and the longer days leading to more time for the Earth to absorb the sun’s rays, create the warmer temperatures we begin to experience in the Northern Hemisphere’s spring months. Skiers and riders are no longer covering every inch of skin to avoid frostbite, and with that, we are giving our skin the chance to catch some rays. This direct exposure to sunlight causes our bodies to naturally produce vitamin D. So, what is the big deal? Vitamin D is incredible for three main reasons: it reduces depression, it helps maintain a healthy functioning immune system by aiding in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus absorption, and there are even studies promoting that it can assist in weight loss. Let yourself soak in the sunshine, and have fun fighting over which friend has the best goggle tan! SPF is still important, especially with the highly reflective white corn on the ground! Did you know that Turtle Fur’s Totally Tubular™ necks are made of the UV performance fabric Comfort Shell™? At UPF 50, it blocks 97% of UV rays!